Emoji updates

This week has been all about the emojis. Apple has caught on that people of all races use emojis daily (DUH) and has finally met their demands to diversify the emoji faces. With the newest iOS update, users can pick from 300 new emojis. Of these 300, there is a range of six different skin tones and ethnicities.

On the other hand, Snapchat is trying to hop on the emoji bandwagon as well. But, are they trying to confuse us further or help us, who knows? Personally, I’m not a fan. I feel like a list of several emojis next to each of my Snapchat friend’s name is a little unorganized and distracting. Maybe just because it’s new I’m still unfamiliar with them but I have had to look up the emoji “meanings” several times out of confusion. The emojis used have pretty ambiguous faces. How am I supposed to infer that a teeth gritting emoji means you share the same best friend?

This introduction of emojis in Snapchat further proves the point that emojis are becoming a means of communication in themselves. No words necessary. Quick and to the point. Why type out your feelings when you can select an image that represents them? Although I am not a fan of Snapchats use of emojis, I am a fan of their existence. Additionally, by implementing emojis, Snapchat will be able to unify its users. Now, because Snapchat gives one meaning to a specific emoji – that is what others around the globe will use for that meaning. Emojis are a means of unifying cultures by introducing specific meanings to each one.


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