Cutting the cord

After its mention in class, I decided to explore the idea of cutting the cable cord and turning to personalized TV. Sling TV is a service offered for $20 a month with no contract and the ability to watch on various online devices. It was newly released in early 2015 but isn’t the first of its kind. Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the downfall of cable to introduce something even better – selective channels for a much lower price.

Of the thousands of television channels I have access to, I honestly only ever switch between five of them, tops. For the most part, I access the shows that I watch on a weekly basis from another streaming option like Hulu or Netflix. The amount of people who still watch live TV has diminished immensely and is expected to continue to decrease over the next few years. While the demand is decreasing, the price is increasing. Therefore, companies like Sling have grabbed onto a great opportunity to enter the market and change the way we watch TV.

What differentiates Sling from Hulu and Netflix is the ability to watch live TV in addition to streaming. Have we finally reached the time when traditional TV is becoming obsolete? Our fast-paced lifestyles don’t allow us the leisure to watch TV as we used to – we want what we want, when we want it, and where we want it. Why use your spare hour watching a random show when you can access the ones that you want to watch? This mindset has completely changed the way all of us watch TV and will continue to grow in the future. I’m not necessarily planning on parting with Time Warner Cable anytime soon, but in the future I could definitely warm up to the idea of a service like Sling. I am looking forward to watching its success over the coming years.


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