Modernize for millenials

“Millenials, a group that has brought a whole new meaning to the concept of short attention spans.”

The flack millenials receive due to their short attention spans are not necessarily a flaw, more of an inherent characteristic in today’s digital age. Our short attention spans are affecting how we use the internet, study, and now how we should be trained? Advertising companies are realizing their methods must adapt to the genetically wired short-term attention span of millenials in order to grab their attention. As the Adweek article points out, why don’t companies take the same approach teaching millenials as they do reaching them?

Annalect decided to experiment with this and change the way learning and development is structured to adapt to millenials’ brains. Rather than throwing pages and pages of information into the faces of trainees, the goal was to structure the process to cater to the strengths and preferences of millenials. Information was presented in short, blog-like tones and featured highly interactive quizzes and other activities.

“Old tactics are kryptonite for today’s attention spans,” says Julie Veloz.

Is the advertising industry the first to reach this realization? Is the way companies are training millenials completely contradicting the technologically advancing tasks they are taking on? I think this revelation is one that needs to be implemented sooner rather than later. Why complicate the training process when companies can simply alter it?


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