Rather than try to force the newspaper into the hands of millenials, BBC is changing the way news is delivered. Specifically, BBC is introducing BBC Minute – a one-minute news bulletin aimed at the younger population. This broadcast is meant to target the population who generally have no interest in radio broadcast news. Is this a lost cause or will this be millenials new on-the-go news?

BBC Minute will cover news, sports, technology, fashion, and music. It will be updated twice an hour, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The broadcast will be featured on BBC online, iTunes and other digital platforms, and on music stations in Africa and the Philippines.

In my opinion, this is a less effective version of the Skimm. Both have the same idea, but are reaching the same generation in a completely different way. Besides those who would access this broadcast via BBC’s website, BBC Minute would be presenting news on a completely different platform than what millenials are used to using. Our generation’s limited use of the radio is generally only to the extent of which we are in the car – this presents an issue. When I read the Skimm, I like to have a list of briefly explained topics with the ability to click a link and read further on those that interest me. In the situation of BBC Minute, users would not always have the ability to access further information about the topics while driving or multitasking with the radio on.

My concerns may only be due to my complete disinterest in the radio, but I think presents a valid point. I understand BBC is attempting to reach out in a new way but will it be as effective as predicted? Personally, I would rather stick to reading the news online or accessing the site from my phone. I don’t foresee myself heading to iTunes to access news or even searching for the broadcast on BBC’s website even if I was already on it. I’m a die-hard Skimm fan and may be stuck in my ways but I am curious to see if BBC-Minute takes off and if it is successful with its target demographic or if it will be more utilized among the typical radio-using generation.


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