Checked out or tuned in?

While some say millennials have checked out from news sources altogether, I (and I’m sure many of my classmates) have to disagree.  Despite what this American Press Institute article says, the news content I see is not “lost” among hundreds of other posts, it is simply separated.  I specifically use Twitter as a news source – instantly bringing a variety of different sources and topics to my attention in a highly convenient manner.  Whereas in other instances the information could be lost among my friends’ tweets, I and other millennials have decided to separate our personal and professional accounts.  This is hardly classified as a disinterest in news, it exemplifies our ability to separate the matters and devote full attention to the news.

This behavior is clearly classified as that of a millennial, but it is not necessarily less intelligent or less informative than reading the daily newspaper.  Older generations don’t necessarily understand that what is different isn’t necessarily wrong.  This technologically advancing practice of turning to online sites and platforms for news doesn’t make us less intelligent, it coincides with our fast paced lifestyle  of wanting information at the tip of our fingers.

“Nonetheless, the reliance on nontraditional news outlets is still the exception rather than the norm. ” – Pew Research Center.

Although the older generations have not yet reached this realization, this is the understanding of millennials and is what we live by.  I still pick up a print copy of the Daily Tarheel on my way to class and will thumb through the pages of the News and Observer when I’m at home but the ease of opening an app in between classes or at the gym has overtaken the print industry.  We are not checking out from news sources, we are simply adapting to the digital age faster than those around us.


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