This weekend’s Oscars sparked the Ask Her More Campaign, a twitter campaign designed to eliminate sexism in the entertainment industry.  Oscar attendees like Reese Witherspoon, Amy Poehler, and Lena Dunham took to social media to spread the campaign’s message.

After the Sony hack last year which revealed income discrepancies between male and female actors, celebrities are taking to social media to take a stand.  Its 2015, why are women still being objectified on the red carpet while men are asked about their professional accomplishments?  Although I am a fan of pre-award show red carpet segments, I too would like to hear about something besides these women’s designer dresses and jewels.  They may look gorgeous, but that’s not the reason they’re standing there.

Buzzfeed’s article hits the nail on the head. “Bradley Cooper gets asked about the community of actors, Lupita gets asked about her dress,” says Rossalyn Warren, a Buzzfeed news reporter.

The #askhermore campaign allows celebrities and fans to tweet questions that they would like to be asked on the red carpet, rather than “who are you wearing?”  Reese Witherspoon posted a message on Instagram, heading the campaign, that seemed to actually resonate with red carpet reporters.  The E! red carpet reporters attempted to feign interest in topics outside of fashion, before asking the wardrobe questions, and tried to even the playing field by also asking the men.

I applaud this campaign and the women supporting it but am curious why it is just now making headlines when awards season is over.  There have been many nationally televised red carpet events over the last several months where women have been pestered with the same tiresome questions and although some do complain, it hasn’t been on this type of scale. With all of the women involved, I expect to see more on this campaign in the coming weeks, but its effectiveness will present itself come next awards season.


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