Mobile-game revenue growth

For those who still actually watch commercials on live TV (the pain…), you might have noticed a new trend.  Since when have game apps advertised their services through commercials? The most memorable of these features Kate Upton, a model who has literally nothing to do with these products whatsoever but hey, these advertisers seem to know what they’re doing.  Anyway, these commercials seem to be the result of a projected 2015 revenue growth of U.S. mobile-game downloads, projected to reach $3.04 billion.

The mobile-game download revenue is compared against e-books, music, and video.  Although e-books are still the most profitable, their projected revenue increase is only a fourth of the mobile games, at 16.5%.

As an entertainment seeking population, why is this a new trend? Haven’t people been playing games for years. Or have game companies changed their apps to become more profitable? I’m not a tech savvy person but I would say with the increasing use of mobile apps, these companies redesigned their marketing skills as well as the games themselves to attract a wider user base and eventually turn a profit.

As discussed in the Wall Street Journal, eMarketer analyst Martin Uteras explains another reason for increased growth.  “There’s more room to grow in terms of demographics for gaming. Mobile opened the gate for a lot of people who were not traditionally gamers,”

The next couple months will prove if these projections are correct.  Hopefully the mobile game revenue growth proves more successful than its commercials let on…


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