Time to redesign

During print’s age of decline, re design is on the mind.  The New York Times is taking a major leap by introducing a whole new look for their magazine.  “There will be new columns, new columnists, new page concepts and layouts, new features and new typefaces.” A month prior, the Times announced their web redesign.  NYTimes.com will look just like the print version you see on your kitchen table every morning.  New York Times aims to maintain their identity and strengthen their brand.

In addition to the new look, the news source aims to increase their readership among young users with the use of the NYT Now app.  Currently offered for $7.99 a month, the Times is considering making this app free.  Although missing out on a profit, increasing subscribers is of greater importance, especially if it means opening its brand up to a new generation – specifically the generation eliminating the newspaper.

These two major changes would seriously change up the traditional news source and raises questions as to whether other competitors will follow in their footsteps.  The threat of digital news putting print sources out of business is causing the New York Times and others to reconsider their methods.  This makes me curious what other actions will be taken in the future.  How will print news sources reach out to their readers in 10 years? Even 5? The digital age is moving at such a fast pace no one can keep up, let alone lead the pack.


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