Kudos to ad agencies

And were back. Although the Superbowl is “old news” in the world of communications, its underlying themes are making headlines in many different forms of social media this week.  Buzzfeed, Instagram, Twitter. Whether they are simply showcasing their favorite ads or making a parody out of them – they seem to be trying to hold onto their themes for as long as possible.  We all saw the chilling Nationwide  ad – what starts off as a cute kid ends in a serious scare of fatal accidents.  The extremely necessary PR move by the NFL, sponsoring a domestic abuse ad. And then the lighthearted Budweiser ad with a heartwarming reunion between a puppy and his owner.

Anastasia put it perfectly – I wasn’t expecting to see social issues during the Super Bowl, but it’s actually the perfect platform.

Generally Superbowl ads remain relevant for a few weeks after the fact but their social media presence are taking on a whole new meaning. Although some advertising companies have received criticism for introducing serious topics during an entertaining sports event, I think these companies did exactly what they intended to do – got people talking about the issue.

Whether or not it was an appropriate time, we all paid attention. Almost a week later I can still picture a handful of these commercials, even if I had zero interest in their product. Maybe advertisers will stick with this attention grabbing tactic and continue producing ads that address social issues, rather than attempting to make their audience laugh.


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