Would you get in?

Uber announces driverless cars

This week Uber announced its plans to open a research development center in Pittsburgh where they plan to develop driverless cars.  The Uber Advanced Technologies Center is years away from making driverless car technology a reality, but will continue its experiments with food delivery, courier services and cargo transportation.  Also in the works of driverless cars is Google (enemies on the horizon?).  This makes me question, is this the direction that technology is heading in? And, will Uber’s praise in providing jobs around the country diminish in just a few short years with no need for drivers?

Although I doubt that if this service proves adequate it will be up and running for quite awhile, I honestly cant imagine this concept.  As a relatively new Uber user in general, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel getting into an unmanned car and trusting it to safely take me to my location.  I know that technology is rapidly advancing but the potential lawsuits that would arise seem unmeasurable and almost reckless of a successful company to even move towards.

Uber is only a four-year-old company, amounting to a net worth of $18 Billion. The funds they have to contribute towards this research are endless but will it be worth it in the end? They just worked so hard to establish themselves as such a prominent brand and promoted their likeability due to the jobs they created nationwide.  By eliminating these jobs will they be as liked or successful? Innovation is taking place all around us but by actually announcing plans to integrate an entirely new function into a business is abandoning the entire premise of that brand.  I applaud Uber and their innovative ideas but think that their idea may have been slightly overshot, atleast speaking as a relatively new company.


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