Discover the new Snapchat

We may be sad to see Snapchat’s “best friends” disappear, but the new Discover feature is sure to please its users.

Snapchat announced its newest version of the app with the introduction of Discover.  Discover is an addition to Snapchat that features outlets such as CNN, ESPN, People, Yahoo and more.  Besides expanding Snapchat’s brand by adding traditional outlets, nontraditional outlets, and opportunities for advertisements, is Snapchat attempting to avoid being just a fad?

Snapchat’s pull factor is as a goofy means of contacting peers by sending photos that “disappear” within a matter of seconds.  Although the question of their disappearance is another topic altogether, most users were originally attracted to the app solely from that idea.  As a three-year-old app Snapchat is booming with users, with an estimated 700 million snapchats sent per day.  In order to remain a relevant social media source, Snapchat knew they had to adapt to reach a wider audience and to hold onto their existing (and aging) users.

To me, the introduction of Discover is a way to merge Snapchat into more of an intellectual news realm.  While the majority of Snapchat’s users are under the age of 25, these users are growing up.  As noted in class, there comes a time as a professional where sending selfies behind your desk is generally frowned upon and left up to the younger crowd (of this already young user base).  By introducing news and entertainment sources, Snapchat is still proving itself useful to those who opt out of the selfies.

As with all updates, the next several weeks will determine the success of Discover.  Whether it is adapted and spreads into an older crowd, or is rejected as an unnecessary news source will be analyzed throughout the next few months.


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