Digits: the end to the password

Twitter announced this week its web version of Digits, the company’s tool to eliminate the password.  Digits is among Twitter Fabric’s suite of tools designed for developers.  It replaces passwords with your mobile phone number in hopes of reducing deterred users who want to skip the “tedious” sign up process.  Developers believe that the large portion of users who avoid the process of making a new account and password will appreciate the ease of Digits and therefore increase steady traffic to keep users on such services.

Ok, honestly, have we really reached an age where social media users are annoyed by the mere seconds it takes to enter the same information used for every one of their social media sites? Will Digits actually take off or will it be a security threat? While everyone is extremely reliant on their cellphones (and god forbid leaves it out of their site for more than a second), will users really resort to entering a confirmation code delivered via text rather than typing in a password that can easily be saved to your computer?

Maybe I’m missing the point here, but I for one would rather just use a password.  At this point I use a variation of the same password for all of my sites (maybe not the most secure decision but we all do it), have my computer save it to automatically log me in, and don’t see the issue with occasionally having to actually type it in.  Twitter may think that Digits is the next big thing, but I have yet to be convinced.


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