Facebook: change for the better?

We all love to hate on changes to social media, but maybe not this time.  On Tuesday, Facebook added new features to send users Amber Alerts, specifically targeting those in the area of the abduction.  The alert will send users a post with information on the child, including a photograph.  Users will not have to sign up for these alerts nor will there be a way to opt out of them.  This idea raises questions as to how social media will be improved on in the future.  Will other sites continue down this path to take advantage of social media addicts by flooding them with important information?

Facebook users don’t necessarily check every single post on their newsfeed, but receiving a notification is a literal red flag.  Its notification signifies a compulsive tendency to remove the red flag as quickly as possible.  In the instance of an Amber Alert, this behavior could be crucial when the life of a child is on the line.

“If you see an Amber Alert delivered, it means you are actually in a position to be able to help.”

Like other users, when I am working on my computer and hear the ding of a Facebook notification, I immediately open the page.  Although an addicting distraction, it is an extremely effective way to reach a wide audience.

While we all complain about the constant updates of our favorite social media sites (Facebook messenger becoming its own app… ugh), few Facebook users will be resistant to this change.  Congrats to Facebook for moving in the right direction and taking advantage of its readily available users.


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